Dr Dilip Kumar, Vice President Eastern Region DESC with Mr Gurupada Bera, Founder & Chairman of MAATRY KALYAN FOUNDATION.

Dr Dilip Kumar, Vice President Eastern Region DESC with Mr Gurupada Bera, Founder & Chairman of MAATRY KALYAN FOUNDATION.

Tuesday, 23 May 23  Both the authorities provided a brief overview of their respective organizations, missions, and their work in the field of Education, career development, and women empowerment.

-The common goals and objectives of DESC and MAATRY KALYAN FOUNDATION, particularly in the areas of education, career development, and women empowerment were discussed with focus on the opportunities for collaboration and alignment of efforts to maximize impact and address the needs of rural and urban slums in West Bengal and nearby regions.

-Discussion on the Educational Landscape. Insight and data on the current state of education in West Bengal, focusing on challenges faced by rural and urban slums was discussed with specific focus on the existing educational initiatives and programs implemented/ planned by both the organizations in these areas.

– Areas of Collaboration. Some points for joint effort and future collaboration were also discussed, including the following :

– Establishing community-based education centers in rural and urban slums to provide quality education and vocational training.
– Developing mentorship and career guidance programs to support students in making informed career choices.
– Implementing initiatives to empower women in rural and urban slums through skill development, entrepreneurship, and access to education.
– Sharing resources, best practices, and expertise to enhance the impact of both organizations’ efforts.

-Resource Mobilization and Funding:

– Strategies for resource mobilization and fundraising to support the collaborative initiatives.
– Explore possibilities of securing grants, sponsorships, and partnerships to ensure the sustainability and scalability of the projects.

-Implementation and Monitoring:

– Develop an implementation plan with clear timelines, roles, and responsibilities for both organizations.
– Discuss the monitoring and evaluation framework to track the progress and impact of the collaborative initiatives.

-Stakeholder Engagement:

– Identify key stakeholders, including local communities, government agencies, NGOs, and corporates, who can contribute to and benefit from the collaborative efforts.
– Discussed strategies for effective stakeholder engagement, involvement, and support.

-Next Steps and Follow-up:

– Agreed on the further steps, including the creation of a joint task force or working group to oversee the implementation of the collaborative initiatives, if agreed.
– Set a timeline for follow-up meetings and progress updates.

-Closing Remarks:

– Both the authorities Expressed gratitude for the fruitful discussion and the potential partnership between DESC and MAATRY KALYAN FOUNDATION.
– Reiterated the commitment to making a positive impact in the education, career development, and women empowerment efforts in rural and urban slums of West Bengal and nearby regions.

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