Online Mentorship session -4, “The Law of Attraction & Abundance”, by Mrs Vandana Srivastava Ji

Online Mentorship session -4, “The Law of Attraction & Abundance”, by Mrs Vandana Srivastava Ji

Law of attraction & abundance  by Mrs Vandana Srivastava ji

📣 Exciting News! 🌟

Join us for an extraordinary Online Mentorship session-4 on “The Law of Attraction and Abundance” with TEDx speaker and healer, Mrs. Vandana Srivastava. 🌈

🗓️ Date: June 18, 2023, Sunday

⏰ Time: 5:10 PM (IST) onwards

🖥️ Platform: Live on Zoom and YouTube

🌟 Unlock the Power of the Universe and Manifest Abundance!

🌌 Mrs. Vandana Srivastava, an International TedX Speaker, is an expert and a Master in the Happiness and Abundance mentoring, Master of Law of Attraction, Vibration therapist, Subconscious Mind trainer, Cosmic healer and a Spiritual Mentor. She will guide you through the secrets of attracting positivity, success, and abundance into your life.

💡 Here’s what you’ll gain from attending this life-changing mentorship session:

✅ Discover the principles and mechanisms behind the Law of Attraction

✅ Learn effective techniques to align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your desires

✅ Harness the power of visualization and affirmations for manifestation

✅ Overcome limiting beliefs and blocks that hinder your progress

✅ Cultivate gratitude and positive energy to attract abundance effortlessly

✅ Gain insights into creating a success mindset and attracting opportunities

✅ Connect with a supportive community and share experiences

🌟 Manifest your dreams and create a life of abundance by understanding the true power of the Law of Attraction. This mentorship session with Mrs. Vandana Srivastava is your gateway to transforming your reality and attracting limitless possibilities.

🔗 Register now to secure your spot at ––4-The-Law-of-Attraction–Abundance-648776bc4395985b9fb76ecb

📌 Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a TEDx speaker and experienced healer who has touched the lives of many. Join us live on Zoom and YouTube to unlock the secrets of the Law of Attraction and manifest the life you’ve always desired.

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🌈 Remember, your thoughts become things! Let’s harness the power of the Law of Attraction together. See you at the mentorship session! 🌟

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