Pradeep’s story

The Little one Pradeep

  • Pradeep is a six-year-old boy. His family struggles to make ends meet and couldn’t manage basic schooling for the child. Despite his young age, Pradeep had a strong desire to learn and was eager to attend school like the other children in his village.

  • Fortunately, in April 2023, the Digital Education and Skills Council (DESC) and its partner’s launched an initiative to provide elementary school education to children in remote areas like Pradeep’s village. The program utilized digital technologies and online resources to provide high-quality education to children who were unable to attend traditional schools.

  • Pradeep is one of the child who is getting benefited from the program. With the help of a tablet device and an internet connection, he was able to access a wide range of educational materials, including interactive lessons, videos, and games.

  • The program is designed to be self-paced, allowing children like Pradeep to learn at their own speed and according to their own interests.

  • Over the course of the program, Pradeep’s interest in education has seen a remarkable change. He can now comfortably write few words both in Hindi and English

  • Thanks to the Digital Education and Skills Council, Pradeep now will be provided with the skills and knowledge required for a livelihood.

  • He dreams to be a doctor and help others and we are sure that this dream will surely come true.

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