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“GPT-4, a multimodal large language model, is faster, more efficient, and offers more comprehensive answers compared to GPT 3.5.”

It is most certainly the year of Artificial Intelligence. And a time when everyone is tossing out mundane tasks to focus on more important work. AI chatbots are increasingly becoming instrumental in carrying out various day-to-day tasks. Perhaps, it is for this reason that more and more professionals around the world are embracing tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Thousands of people are flocking to OpenAI to access ChatGPT for a variety of use cases. And if you have been impressed with the chatbot, wait till you get your hands on the latest version. After the success of its large language models in the GPT series, OpenAI unveiled its latest iteration, GPT-4, in March this year. GPT-4, a multimodal large language model, is faster, more efficient, and offers more comprehensive answers compared to GPT 3.5, which powers ChatGPT.

At present, GPT-4 is only accessible to those who have access to ChatGPT Plus, a premium service from OpenAI for which users have to pay $20. Like all the good things in life, to access the impressive features of GPT-4, one needs to pay the price.There are several ways to try GPT-4 features for free. Here, we list some of the apps and services through which you can take advantage of the most powerful version of ChatGPT for free.

GPT-4 with Microsoft Bing

Perhaps, the leader among the current lot. One of OpenAI’s top investors, Microsoft has harnessed the superpower of ChatGPT into its tools and services. Consequently, Microsoft became the first company to introduce GPT-4 to its search engine – Bing Search. This is currently one of the easiest ways to use GPT-4 for free.

Simply visit to experience GPT-4 and recently Microsoft introduced a set of awesome features to Bing Chat such as book restaurants, search images, etc. While it is not necessary to sign into Microsoft account, we advise creating an account to enjoy the full benefits of Microsoft Bing.
Bing Microsoft has introduced an array of features for users to try their hands at.

With the new updates, Bing Search has turned more visual and offers elaborate answers that includes graphs, charts and updated formatting. Moreover, conversations on Bing Chat will be soon accessible through chat history feature.

Ora – Create chatbots & assign tasks

Ora is a website that lets you use GPT-4 for free. Users will need to sign up for an account to use, and one can also use their existing Google account to sign in to After signing up, it only takes a few steps to access GPT-4. Reportedly, the service occasionally downgrades to GPT 3.5, especially when the traffic is high. Nevertheless, if you want to access GPT-4 for free, the waiting is fine.

Quora Poe

Quora Poe is yet another platform that offers access to GPT-4. Interestingly, one can also try their hands at a variety of AI products such as Claude+, ChatGPT, NeevaAI, Dragonfly, etc. Users will be required to sign up with their phone number or Gmail to create an account on Quora Poe to use GPT-4. The only caveat here is that users may be limited to a set number of prompts on GPT-4 per day. However, one can use Sage chatbot on the platform to satiate their curiosity.


AI start-up HuggingFace recently unveiled its 30-billion-parameter open-sourced AI chatbot – HuggingChat. The new chatbot is reportedly trained on GPT-4 data and offers instant responses to prompts. Regardless, users can visit the HuggingFace website to try their hands on some generative AI products based on GPT-4.

Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI, a company known for its search engine powered by AI, can be a great way to try your hands at GPT-4. Users would be required to create an account with their Google account. After creating the account, head to the search page.

Users will be able to spot the ‘Quick’ button with a dropdown arrow inside the Ask Anything box. To use GPT-4, users will need to click on the arrow and select Enhanced. This option allows you to access GPT-4 for as many as 20 prompts.

Forefront AI

New York-based software company Forefront AI launched its chatbot Forefront Chat in April. This was among the first chatbots to offer free access to GPT-4. Apart from GPT-4, users can also try features such as image generation, custom personas, and shareable chats. Article research courtesy Indian Express.

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