Why DESC, Who are we, What do we Do ???

Why DESC, Who are we, What do we Do ???

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Digital Education and Skills Council (DESC) aims to bring in a much needed change in the Education system focussing more upon Skills generation for a Self Sustaining world. We thrive to achieve the New Education policy, Digital India initiatives and Skill India mission of our Government in India and also spread the latest technological advancements in the fields of Education and all associated Skills in Medicine, Sports, Communication, Livelihood, Sustainability, Culture, Arts and Business around the Globe. We are a pure Volunteer based organisation with the main object to be a think tank and an advisor to the Government’s across the World in policy making and its correct implementation for the people and good Governance.


To promote and advance the adoption of Digital Education and Skills across all levels of society, from individuals to businesses and institutions. This includes providing access to high-quality digital resources, training and support to enable individuals and organisations to develop the skills they need to succeed in the digital age.


Our vision is to transform into a society where everyone has access to the Digital Education and Life sustaining skills required to thrive in the 21st century. This includes promoting digital literacy and fluency, supporting the development of digital skills in the workforce, and providing access to innovative digital resources and tools to enhance learning and creativity.

We at DESC are committed to bring about the change in the entire Globe by offering online Digital Education and Skill development programs for the needy through a well networked team comprising of very Senior Educators, Motivators, Mentors and host of Multi Experienced Professionals who are an integral part of our Council. Some of our Focus areas, which we also call as the “Change Triad” are given under.
A. Organisational Development areas
Strategic planning, Coalition building, good Governance, improvement in the existing systems, Safeguarding, Program management, Adaptive management, and Leadership along all the verticals Globally.
B. Thematic areas
Our core focus areas are deliberated upon in the attached brochure titled “DESC regulations”, however we have primarily designed programs jointly with our affiliated partners on the following themes –
Education : Gender transformative Education, Education financing, Digital literacy and Education with specific focus on rural and marginalised sector, Gender responsive budgeting and budget analysis, Inclusive Education, Education in fragile contexts, Early childhood development, Teacher & Staff Education, Innovation and Research for advancement of Education and facility development, Activity based learning, Digital and Affiliate marketing,
Information Technology and AI : For Self Sustainability, survivability and Sustenance, Digital implementation and its future processes, Cyber threat analysis and Mitigation, Digital India and Skilled India mission.
Legal System : Its practice and Knowledge, White Collar crime and prevention of Malpractices, Law enforcement, Border and Menace Management, Rights management.
Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management : Themes and programs so designed to enable gain first hand exposure from the best in the Global Industry also includes Aviation, Geo Political and Skill development, Research innovation, Cross-cultural communication, collaboration, & leadership to facilitate cooperation and collaboration among diverse stakeholders.
Sustainability : Disaster Management and Mitigation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Governance, Environment Conservation and Climate resilience themes, Climate/Environmental sustainability, drivers, measures and technology to bring in the change, Climate financing, Knowledge of Environmental science and Sustainability, as well as practical skills for reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.
Skill Development : Sports, arts, culture, Tourism, Adventure, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in line with the latest policies on the subject globally, supply chain with procurement, logistics, export import, documentation, banking, and process management. Change management through Digitalisation, automation, with green environment or SCM 4.0, logistics policy, ‘Green technologies’ ‘in Education and Skills management including Award & Management of associated accreditations.
Mentoring : Financial Budget preparation & Audits, public speaking, Art of presentation, Interview Skills, Media management and proliferation,
Medical rehab, protection, guidance and Life saving Skills
-Sanatan Dharma and the Vedic connect,
C. Advocacy areas
Some key focus areas as per our regulations and objectives are – Rights-based and evidence-based Education advocacy, Advocacy strategic planning, power analysis, influencing, policy change measurement, working/ negotiating with decision-makers, alliance/ network-building, support from research, campaigning, use of media and Public Private Partnership models with the Governance for implementation and execution of Social programs.

Our Constitution

Core Values

Skill Verticals

Key Focus Areas


Digital Education and Skills Council (DESC) strives to initiate an imperative revolution within the educational system, emphasizing the substantial development of skills for a sustainable world. Our main aim is to harmonize with the Indian Government’s New Education Policy, Digital India initiatives, and Skill India mission, simultaneously dispersing the most recent technological progressions in education and associated skills worldwide.

The exceptional initiatives and programs conducted by our council and its esteemed members contribute to the daily expansion of our Social Media presence.. If you wish to join us, kindly visit the below links –

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