Aasir’s story

Aasir's Story

  • Aasir is from a remote village in M.P. His parents are farmers and struggle for their daily livelihood. Despite their financial hardships, they believe in the power of education and encouraged Aasir to attend school.
  • However, the village school lacked resources and quality education. The teachers were overburdened with work and could not provide individual attention to students. Aasir struggled with his studies and lacked confidence in his communication skills.
  • One day, a partner team from the Digital Education and Skills Council (DESC) visited the village. They saw the potential in Aasir and decided to help him. The DESC team provided Aasir with the required assistance and guidance through regular mentoring and also assigned a mentor to him who helped him with his studies and provided guidance on effective communication skills.
  • Through the mentorship and quality education, Aasir’s confidence grew, and he became an active participant in class discussions. He also started participating in debates and public speaking events.
  • Now with the continued efforts not only Aasir but other students have also realized the importance of education in improving their family’s economic situation.

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